ok as life's sick joke I broke my pinky, and the splint and rap on my hand won't let me get all my fingers around the neck of my guitar, But I find I can use my slide fine, so this gives me a chance to get my slide skills,

So heres What I ask oh UG friends of mine, I need some good songs to play with a slide, preferably In open G or open F tunings, I like heavy songs like white stripes and led zeppelin, and others, Any suggestions would be Appreciated, ( don't wanna be stock playing one slide song for 3/4 weeks)
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Life is a Sick Joke, sounds like a good name for a song. You should write a song
about it, with slides of course As for some slide songs, some of U2's older stuff has some pretty good slide work. I think Bullet the Blue Sky is one. I'll get back to you when I think of more.

also try, no more tears by ozzy
and like you said the white stripes have a few slide songs as well.
Breathe and Great gig in the sky from Floyd. Beware tho, Gilmour is a bad*ss slider :P
In My Time Of Dying by Led Zep.
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I think seven nation army uses a slide?
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If you use standard tuning, there is a good slide solo on Dreams I'll Never See by the Allman Brothers Band.

If you do open-E (E B E G# b e) you can try another Allman Brothers song, Statesboro Blues. Their version has some great slide licks.
If anybody wants to know my hand isn't as bad as I thought it was, The doctor once it wrapped up for a few days (not weeks), so Thank you all for your Ideas, I'll be sure to Try those songs, And maybe wright one of my own,
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I think seven nation army uses a slide?

yeah he does use a slide here...

hmmm try some blues stuff man... if you like led zeppelin you might like some blues.
I don't have any slide songs for you...

but I feel your pain. I broke my hand and couldn't play for an entire month. It was maddening.
How has only one person mentioned the Allman Brothers Band?

Anything Allman Brothers, George Thorogood, or Derek Trucks. George Thorogood is good for beginners because he plays basic dirty blues and simple licks. He's not much of a soloist. Duane Allman is the Hendrix of slide guitar --- the man pioneered lead guitar with a slide. His stuff is VERY difficult to emulate. And as for Derek Trucks... well... there'll never be another player on the planet like him. Just listen to him for inspiration, good luck playing like him.
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just about anything robert johnson

find yourself any and every delta/mississippi blues players. especially if they're black and their name starts with "blind" such as blind lemon jefferson, blind joe hurt, blind joe death (aka john fahey... BUT nothing newer than the 70s. if you can find it, Railroad is his best slide guitar album. or voice of the turtle). as a rule, white people can't play slide. i don't care what names you come up with.

oh yeah, and paul jeremiah and kelly joe phelps
^You're telling me Duane Allman wasn't a good sllide player?

Every quote from black slide players (and white) about Duane says something along the lines of, "Duane was my superior."

Whatevs, this isn't the place for debate.
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