This band added me on Myspace, and ever since I've been in love.
They're a three piece: Bass, keyboards, drums.
Their music is very original, catchy, and intelligent. I cant explain it. Just listen.


If you like it, you can download their album for free, there's a link to it on their Myspace. Add them as Myspace friends, and try to promote them as much as you can, they're so talented and they deserve to get out there.
Not bad, really liked 'I couldn't get it up'. Don't think I'm going to download the album though.
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they remind me of bloc party. It's not that I don't like it but I can't seem to find them interesting.

EDIT: actually i quite like Headphones.
EDIT 2: I also found out why i don't find them interesting. they don't have a build up, you know faster drumming, heavier, in any of their musics. I don't like that ._.
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listnening to headphones now.

It's quite twee, but not annoying which twee is most of the time. Good stuff.

EDIT: broken record <3 = the best song ever. (for like the next few days after which i'll probably be sick of them)
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yeah but this is a different wave than jack johnson's (no pun intended). these songs are really felling like they'll build up and then don't.
the heart is a risky fuel to burn