i'm planning on building speaker cabs for my bass rig, probably 2x10 and 4x10. i was wondering if the type of wood makes a difference, and if so, what types are best?
The type of wood does make a huge differance, in wieght, durability, and ease to work with. Not tone.

Plywood is the industry standard. Alot of companies use brich ply, though I don't know if that matters too much.
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I made mine from CD ply. It's "construction grade" ply wood about 18mm think. Tough stuff. When making a cab, the wood does make a little difference but the main thing that will affect the sound is the construction. Read the Sticky on Cabs. Helped me out ALOT!
Marshall and all other top amp makers use ply too.

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just be sure to NOT use MDF, as it will sound like ass, then fall apart.
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MDF won't vibrate/resonate at all, that's why it's good for baffles but not for the cab itself.
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i have two JBL pro series SF 2X15 and horn cabs for high high end pa gear and the whole cab is made of a laminate of marine grade ply wood (no rot) and MDF (no Vibrating)
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i got my first stereo in 1979. it was a fisher amplifier/tape deck, a fisher record player and 2 HUGE (ie: not bookshelf size) speakers. about 8 years later, with those speakers approaching 3/8-inch dust, i decided to do something with them. I had a gibson les paul deluxe and a semi-homemade strat-style guitar (floyd, 2 double-coils) and a gk 250ml. so i took out the speakers from our basement, popped out the 10" bass drivers, bought 2 celestion standard 70s, and dropped them in.

Just like that.

I plugged in my gk and my LP (damn i miss that. i don't even remember who i sold it too, or for how much. eff'ing eff) and i thought GOD-FREAK'IN-ZILLA was rising out of our swimming pool.