I'm looking for an amp that I will use for practice and small/medium size gigs. I would like to get an all tube amp and my price range is $250-400. I play a lot of classic rock, blues, and sometimes some punk. I'm using a fender standard strat. I really don't have too much of a clue of what to get. I looked at the marshall avt50, vox valveatronic ad50vt and peavey valveking 112. Anyone have suggestions?
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try them out. I wouldnt go with the AVT though. I would go with the VK if i were you though

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The Ad50vt would be a pretty good amp, it has a good speaker.
Try them out see what you like.
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Fender blues junior. Around $400, all tube, awesome cleans, very good blues and classic rock overdrive. That's an amp you'll always be glad to have, no matter what direction your taste in music is heading.
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Pignose G40V. 40 watt tube amp. New for $319.95 from several online dealers, or off ebay for $125 to $250 used. Or a used Peavey Classic 30. 30 watt tube amp. The Valve King isn't as good as the Classic in my humble opinion. Actually prefer the Classic to a Marshall 401 (which costs twice as much). With the Pignose, if you get a used one and change out the stock speaker for an Emminence or Celestion, you can really shape tone. And for $250 or less for a used one (more used ones on ebay have gone for under $200 including delivery charges than over $200), then you have money to change the speaker and get a pedal or two.
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Depends on more than one factor; the size of the venues, whether your amp will be mic'ed, etc. The G40V is pretty loud. You could also look for a used Peavey Classic 50 watt tube combo. But, being sure about cutting through drums is something that only you and your band can work out. Is your amp going to be mic'ed through a PA system? If so, then there should be no problems with your volume being enough. And, then you don't need to worry as much about how much tube power you have.