I have been playing for about a year, I started in Blue Pentatonics and was big into classic rock and such. I now am getting bored with pentatonic

I recently started listening to some Malmsteen, I know it will take several years to play some of his stuff, but im wondering where do i begin. What scales give me the neo-classical feel that Yngwie has? Also, wheres a good place to start on music theory (books, websites, videos). I want to take a few extra music classes in college and Im an upcoming HS Senior so I want to start now to get ahead.

Also could anyone suggest some guitarists who have a classical sound to them but also a metal feel, like Malmsteen or MAB. And if you are feeling particularly helpful could you direct me to some beginer tabs for this genre
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Scales: Harmonic Minor-Yngwie is a big fan of those.
Other Neo-Classical Metal Guitarists: Blackmore from Deep Purple and Rainbow, Mike Romeo from Symphony X, Jason Becker
Other shredders you may like: Marty Friedman fro Megadeth, John Petrucci from Dream Theater, Steve Vai (solo), Joe Satriani (solo)
Theory Sites: Ckeck UG lessons, search the UG forums for posts on various subjects, UG archives, cyberfret.com
Techniques: Search the forums for exercises, shred forum's technique thread

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thanks man, are there any bad habits that will hinder me later down the road?
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-B.C. Rich Warcock Platinum Edition (my first guitar, noob mistake)
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Be relaxed at all times, have a light touch with your fretting hand, don't practice playing softly, pick hard so you have a strong picking hand. Trying and make movements as small and as relaxed as possible and practice it that way. If you practice something with your pinky flailing out then you will learn it with your pinky that way. The way you practice things are the way you learn it so keep that in mind. One thing that people will disagree on here is anchoring whether it's with your pinky or resting your palm on the bridge at all times. I recommend trying to learn to pick with a floating picking hand that doesn't rest anywhere. As for guitarists with a classical yet metal sound I would reccomend Randy Rhoads.
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Do you have a teacher? if not get one.
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I get this problem when i try to get lessons is that the teacher is a stoner that does pentatonic blues crap.

have been anchoring with my pinky on the middle single coil, I just tryed using a floating hand and I can feel how it would help, but it feels akward, I will stick with it tho. Just one question though, Should I close my and or leave it open whe its not anchored
-Ibanez SAS36FM
-B.C. Rich Warcock Platinum Edition (my first guitar, noob mistake)
-Roland Cube-30
neoclassical- learn harmonic minor scale and it's modes. notably the 5th mode, the phygian dominant (malmsteen calls it phygian) or it is otherwise known as the spanish gypsy scale
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