yeah, whats a good place to start so I can get the "metal" sound. I want to be able to play a range of metal sounds, classic to newer ( hella/sab). Is it just about the shredding? Certain chords? What about thrash, and and sludge metal?
ive never heard of sludge metal.

but a good place to start would be to learn some metal songs
i dont know if its still there, but there was a colomn or lesson on "how to play metal"
pretty funny, but it was all pretty much true lol
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

playing metal....its like playing any music. its merely a genre. that thing that seperates it from hard rock could possibly be more speed, heavier distortion, more palm mutes, and shredding. thats not to say those techniques are exclusive to metal. for the basics of metal, work on fast chord changes, speed, and palm mutes to begin with. shredding only comes after a helluva lot of practice. ive been a metal guitarist/bassist for three years now, and shredding is only now coming to me. of course ive been able to solo and stuff for a long time now, but good shredding takes a long time
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Learn some metal songs. Also it would probably be a good idea to get some instructional books on playing metal. I like the Troy Stetina series.
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Learn power chords.
Learn to pick faster with basic excercises, a lot of metal requires fast picking.
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Assuming you're new to the guitar, this is the "basics" that you need to learn as fast as possible (This goes for other than metal aswell by the way, maybe not as much though :P). Just a little list of the things I found most important (and things I didn't find as important and had to pay for it later on :p):

Alternate picking <- This is an absolute must, you'll understand later when it's time to solo for an example.

Palm muting <- Don't think any other kind of music uses it more Can be used to get a more "attack" type of sound.

Scales <- Atleast some basic ones

Power chords <- Don't think I have to explain why

Pinky Power <- This goes for all kind of music I'd say, do excersices that involves all fingers, especially the pinky as it's usually the weakest one.

Learn those things above (if you haven't already) and you're on the right way
Hope I didn't forget anything important.

Oh yea here's an important one I forgot. Alot of people think metal is only screaming and power chords, this is ofcourse not true. Music theory is very important if you want to play metal, that's just my opinion that I know alot of people (especially in here) don't share. But if I had to add something to the list of "basics" above it would have to be: Learn some music theory.

Edit: as for shredding, if you're a beginner don't even think about it at the moment.
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death metal tends to be very technical, so i wouldn't say that power chords are the most used...i think it's the opposite...but looking at bands like metallica, they tend to mix, palm muted power chords with single string riffs and melodies as well as solos, so it all depends...
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ive never heard of sludge metal.

but a good place to start would be to learn some metal songs

Acid Bath , if youve ever heard of em, would be considered sludge metal i believe
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As much as people will argue they arent metal, learn some avenged sevenfold songs, they help develope technique that you will need in metal but the songs arent too hard, I would recommend the cd waking the fallen, as it is closer to metal than their new cd.