I need tips on singing and playing at the sametime. Please. What helped you out? I have a real hard time doing it, even when its just a simple strum and just a sentence
talking while playing is more difficult then sing while playing.
with me it just took a lot of practise.
just keep trying in a while you´ll get it.
start with easy strummings though and not to hard lyrics.

Good Luck

Yea man. If you learn the guitar first or the words and melody first before you try to put them together it is a bit easier. It is usually helpful for me to know the guitar by heart before trying to sing it.
Learn the guitar piece until you can play it without concentrating hard. The you concentrate on the singing part and learn to put that over the top.
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Try an easy song to start with. Like, an acoustic version of Social Distortion - Story of my Life.

Three chords, and the lyrics fit right along with them really well. And even though so easy to play, doesn't sound half bad on an acoustic!
Learn guitar part effortlessly, then memorize lyrics. Start a metronome and practice, practice, practice. It gets easier .
i bow humbly to anybody who can play descently and sing at the same time. you have a talent that i will never know.
It is extremely hard for some people, but do it over and over and over.

Everytime you masterbate or think about women, grab your guitar and sing while playing. You'll be a master in no time.

Recomend-Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day, whether you hate them or not, it's a swell song
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start with stuff like ramones
its just like a constant strum
them just practice and practice
don't worry
it just takes lots and lots of practice
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