Hey I've recently started to nail sweep picking... well at least 4 string arpeggios. I was wonderin' which songs I can learn that use some sweep patterns to practice them and so that I can get used to the idea of using them in songs?
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Speed Metal Symphony

Try learning Jason Becker's Serrana at a REALLY slow tempo. It's a good song to practice your sweeps...but I'm afraid I can't think of any 4 string sweeps off the top of my head. Dream Theater's Glass Prison has a nice sweeping bit (can be alt picked) at the intro after the heavy stuff starts. Try that. But remember use a metronome and start off slow, then build up.
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i have question about atreyus bleeding mascara, is it sweeppicked or alternate picked or what? just wondering how its played so i can learn it
most of nevermores solos and some of the main riffs in their songs
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Thanx guys.
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one time i looked at my clock and it said "kill your parents"

so i made pancakes.
This might sound corny, but check the intro to "Bleeding Mascara" by Atreyu. By learning to play that, it helped me develop accuracy for sweep picking, maybe it'll help you.

EDIT: You can play it in Drop-D instead of tuning to Drop-C. Just play a C minor arpeggio starting at the 12th fret on the G string.
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the solos for Bat Country and Seize the Day. Bat country has a sweeping section, and Seize the day is basicly all sweep picking.
I'm Alright- Neil Zaza it has like a couple measures of 6 string sweeps.
bat country has no sweep picking, the harmonized part in the solo is done with alternate picking, i know it seems like sweep but its alternate, however i use that as an exercize for sweeo picking and it helps out alot, just make sure you get the right tab for it, the only completely correct one ive found was in total guitar magazine
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The intro to Alaska by Between the Buried and Me if you wan't a little more of a challenge.

Yeah I tried to learn that and...failed.

It is a challenge, but sounds damn cool.
Darkest Hour uses sweeping alot...Sound the Surrender has alot of sweeping in the solo, along with Tranquil and These Fevered Times. Dragonforce's Valley of The Damned if i'm not mistaken has some sweeping too.