We've finally recorded a track, when we switched places. I've always wanted to try myself at drumming.

Vocalist girl played the tar (i didn't know she could jam like this!!!), while the guitarist switched effects on and off on his Pod Live.

Drummer smoked.

I played drums. The vocal quality is off, cuz she sang in the instrument mic, while I stole the SM mic to mic the hats and the snare. No toms, though... We didn't bring the mic kit.

I'm hella surprised at myself. I've been producin this band, telling folks what to do, but I never realised I could drum more or less) Though the beater got cought up in my pants twice))))))))))


Have you guys switched roles? Post it!!! Even if it's hillarious! This song sure is)

Edit: now its on the different website. It's called either Untitled or Me on Drums... =))))
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I will post a track i done ages ago where i played everything - guitar, piano and bass- drums programmed. My friend who plays piano sang! so funny! just downloading yours now.. where the hell is that sever your files are on? well slow connection.. will report back as soon as ! look forward to hearing the drums!
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Well, it's the same Slavic family))) Only we went different ways: Russian, Bielorussian, Ukranian use cyrillic, and are more alike tha Czech, Polish, Serbian, etc. that use the Latin alfabet.

welll i kno that, buts is always this feeling when i hear russian singin, i thikn.. wait, is this polish!?... hmm not quite

im no good at the drums, because im very right handed, i cant do crap with my left
Haha I'm not seeing how this ties into bass...but I did it with my old band, but jeez I suck at both acoustic guitar and drums (the ONE TIME our synth player wasn't there..)
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...and the bassist comes up to the EQ and moves all the sliders into the typical smiley face pattern and in a really thick Jamaican accent said "you can't have de bass without de smiley face"