Managed to blag myself a copy of Guitar Pro 4 the other day and started trawling through the 100's of songs on it.

Came across Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore, i think its a great song so i started to learn how to play it ( can now do most of the first bit ) and experimented with all the bends in the song ( not mastered bends yet ).

How the hell does he manage to sustain that note? If youve heard the song you will know the one i mean.

Has he got a really good guitar that can sustain notes that long or does he use a particular technique?


Just use a guitar with a big sustain like a Les Paul.

Possibly he uses some delay/sustain pedals as well
It can't be real lol, but on his live DVD he doesn't click on any pedals and you can see him practicing it.
he uses a gibson les paul, he also has his own signature model
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I havent seen him doing it live but on recording it sound to damm clear and keeps the same volume all the time so I have allways thinked that it could be an Ebow...its a box with a batterie and a magnet in it which you hold above the pickups and it gets the string to vibrate forever. "eternal sustain"