This might sound like my life story but I'll try to keep it brief. I began playing about a year ago on a Squier amp/Stratocaster combination. It's a horrible guitar soundwise but not too difficult to play. I got some money around November I got a Fender Telecaster for about £300 without really thinking about it - I'd just seen some guitarists I liked used them. It's not that good for me - the neck is a bit too wide and I find the Strat easier to play. But I get fret buzz off the Strat and as I said, it's not very good. So I'm pretty much stuck with the Telecaster.

Now up to the present day, I've got about £800 and from reading the threads here it looks like I should get an amp rather than a new guitar. I'm really only looking to spend £300 maximum on the amp, preferably about £250. The kind of music I want to play varies from hardcore drop-D stuff (Refused etc), grunge (Nirvana, Sound Garden), general rock (Rage Against the Machine, Led Zep, Queens of the Stone Age), punk (Anti-Flag, Rancid, Sex Pistols), metal (Metallica) and Muse + Radiohead. I know that's a very wide range so I imagine I'm looking for a very general amp. I'd rather not buy used equipment.

I'm also considering replacing the pickups on my Telecaster - is this worth doing and what should I replace them with?

I've learned through the Internet and friends so I haven't progressed as far as I might. Also my knowledge of music theory is limited but I'm trying to learn as much as I can over the summer and maybe get a teacher when I can afford it regularly.

Thanks for any advice
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ok to start,when i was buying an amp I played all different kinds.then the guy in the guitar shop showed me a roland cube 60 and it blew me away.roland cube amps come in 30 and 60 watt models but just for that extra volume that would nearly knock down the house i got the cube 60,and also cos it was a good price i was offered.You should really check it out though.the lead channel has replicas based on the sounds of the most famous amps.these include metal,tweed,classic stack etc, it even has a great acoustic simulator.they all sound perfect.its the most versatile amp and absolute best quality for its price you'll find anywhere.check it out now!

also dont change ur frikkin pickups.just sell it or trade it in for one you really like and have tried.see what kind of deals you can get.try epiphone les pauls and fender mexican strats!

Lastly and most importantly,DO get a teacher.it will help you SO much(i mean that)but make sure its a good qualified one(ask around music shops for reccomendations)dont just got to the first one you see advertised.
I can get a Roland Cube for about £100. Are there any higher end amps?

ugh.... this is going to turn into yet ANOTHER battle between a vox and a roland....

but if you play more than just metal stuff, id say check out the vox AD30 or AD60, and then the roland cube.
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First of all, get the strat set up, (you dumbass ) to stop the fret buzz. . .

and then look down to find the perfect amp. . .

used of course
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Get the strat set-up, sell the tele which should add about 200 to your total, and then you'll have atleast 500 for the amp.
Go play a ton of amps, decide if you need tube or can settle for less.
Not sure if I didn't make it clear but that guitar is a Squier Strat. Going from a Fender Telecaster to a copy worth half the price seems like going backwards to me. But I may be wrong.

Just to clarify, for my budget (around $500) I've been suggested a Vox AD30/AD60 a Roland Cube 30/60, to buy a used amp and to search around.
Oh, in that case, i'd say go with a nice Roland Cube 60, or 30 if you want to save some money (i'd say go with the 60 though).
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