Hi, i've got couple of questions. I'm looking for a new tube combo (or head if it's an option)
How are the cleans on an London City amp, and does Pearl still make amps, cause i've played one and I liked it.
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London City = basically a copy of Hiwatts (I can't remember what the connection exactly is) = ton and tons of clean headroom

David Gilmour used Hiwatts for most of career and he had some pretty nice clean sounds going on. Pete Townshend also used them and had a great crunchy overdrive sound going on (trying to figure out if he was using a fuzz/booster pedal for that though, I want that tone )
Are you sure that you're not thinking of "Sound City". If you are, the connection between Sound City and Hiwatt is that the chief engineer or designer or whatever amp techs are called (can't remember his name) used to work for Sound City before breaking away and founding Hiwatt when Sound City started getting all cheap with their amps.

For this reason earlier Sound City amps generally are of a really high quality with great cleans.
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Yeah, mixed that up, similiar names....I now remember that London City are dutch Marshall clones (of the classic ones, no master volume knobs) just using cheaper parts