What albums should I get now that I have some money?

Give me some lesser known bands and albums to check out.

Anything Alt/Indie, but something different and up and coming maybe, nothing too mainstream.


PS-Name of band and album name would be great
If you can wait until monday, I'd get the new Muse album , Blackholes and Revolations. Its more alt/modern rock and okay, everyone's heard of muse but it's an album I, personally will be getting first thing monday morning.
the kooks "inside in,inside out"......we are scientists "love and squalor"....the cribs "the new fellas"

all very good...i recommend them all
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Lesser known, eh?

mclusky - mcluskyism

Hmm, I wouldn't recommend that for a first time McLusky listener really.

My Latest Novel has some decent offerings. So check them out.
Mclusky do Dallas is the best one in my opinion.
They were an amazing band. Saw them at ULU a while back.
Want indie? Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise is fantastic.
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Everyone should take advantage of the last day of the Captains Of Industry £3 sale.

They're selling EVERY CD and Vinyl for £3 to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.

Everyone should buy the Sucioperro CD. It's ace all over.

stars - set yourself on fire
mercury rev - deserter's songs
the faint - danse macabre

or if you wanna go classic:
joy division - closer
cure - disintegration
smiths - the queen is dead
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