thought you might like to read this, it was written by me for my future sister in law, sadly she wont be around much longer as she is losing her battle against cancer, i wrote this because i wanted to tell her how much of an impact she had on me, the lyrics took about 15 minutes to write, i then asked in another forum if someone would write the music for it, and the guy who responded also did the vocals, the finished track can be found at www.betarecords.com/djemboy2, i would really appreciate any feedback on this as i am thinking of approaching cancer research to see if the will sponsor it and hopefully get it out to more people

Verse 1
The presence of a giant in a frame so small
Heart of a warrior standing tall
The soul of an angel with the touch of a child
She walks so proud on her longest mile

Verse 2
She won?t give up, it?s a fight to the end
She may have lost the battle, but won the right to ascend
And after she?s gone when there?s no more pain
The memory of her touch will remain

She's a True Warrior with an unshakeable faith
The battle that she fought would make most runaway
She's a True Warrior, A Gentle giant inside
Dealing with a monster, She kept her dignity and pride

Verse 3
The hour draws close, her time is at hand
As she prepares a journey to a promised land
The peace that awaits and calls out to her soul
Has her name etched in light on a heavenly scroll

Verse 4
Her battle?s nearly done and her war draws to a close
To face this monster is a path she freely chose
But look up in the sky, pretty soon you?ll see a light
As she?s held in the arms of an angel tonight
don't think of me as a wuss, cos I actually just cried a little when reading this, cos it reminded me of the people in my life who died from cancer. It totally encompasses those people who live with it, and refuse to let it beat them, even though in all eventuality.. well, y'know. Find peace, dude, I hope she lives the rest of her life to the fullest
you know thats probably the nicest reply i have had for this, did you listen to the song, the only reason i ask is that if the words brought tears to your eyes then i can only imagine what hearing the actual song will do, and i dont think that anyone who lets true emotions run free is a wuss, takes a bigger person to allow those feelings out than to keep them locked away, you have my sincerest condolences for your own loss.
In a world where some songs are wriiten about people feeling sorry for themselves, it's a breath of fresh air to see one that has actual depth and meaning to it. I really hope that cancer research does sponsor this song because it was well written .

Crit mine please

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I don't think I've been really stirred like this in a long time... I have a family member as well who's struggling to hold on, and this song really hit me. Thanks for the buzz, this is a beautiful piece.
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i have emailed the song to the American institute of cancer research, so i will keep you all informed and thankyou all for your very very kind words of support and encouragement, this is my 10th month of lyric and songwriting, if i had know the response would be this good i would have started a long time ago
Very deep, I am extremely impressed.

Keep writting!
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