Hey everyone. I am looking into getting a new guitar soon. I would really like to get a les paul shape, but I'm not totally sure on the make etc.
I have approximately £500 to spend, I could go a little over if i must.

I have looked at the ESP LTD EC 400, and decided that out of those i would most like the 400AT in metallic gold. Is this the best guitar in that price range, if not then what is?

I want to have an all round guitar, itwould have to be reasonably good for metal but I don't want a guitar that is amazing for metal but sucks at everything else.

I would play it through a Line6 Spider 2 112 (75 watt).

If there's a guitar that isn't a les paul shape but better than the EC400AT, then please suggest, as I'm not 100% set on a les paul body.
Well, you've got a pretty bad amp...

What guitar are you using right now?
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Well, you've got a pretty bad amp...

What guitar are you using right now?

oats is a real pro,he'll set you on the right track
Danno is a DOUCHE!


New amp before new guitar Motherfeckers!
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Ibanez RG1570? pretty awesome from what I've heard, and all the RGs I've played were damned good. An epiphone les paul then some seymour duncans in it? depending how good/bad your current guitar is, a new amp might be more beneficial, but if you're happy with your amp then it's fine, although everyone may bash MGs and line6s as far as I know yours is the only opinion that really matters about your own gear.
I have a Tanglewood TSE 605 Sg guitar cost me £160.

I don't really intend on buying a new amp atleast for a while, I've found this amp great and am very pleased with it.

So help on new guitar please!

I pretty much hate the look of the Ibanez RG1570.

I would prefer it to be a les paul.

What's better about the EC-1000 over the EC-400? I probably wouldn't want to spend that much, and is it worth the extra money?

The idea of getting an Epiphone les paul and putting seymour duncan pups in it, would that be a good idea as it would barely be cheaper than the ESP.
Ec-400 vs ec-1000. To be honest there isnt much difference but if you could afford it get the ec-1000
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If there isn't much difference, why pay an extra £150?

The EC-1000 may be slightly better but from what i've heard about the EC-400 it's more than good enough and like you said 'there isnt much difference'.

Do you all agree that the EC-400 would be a wise investment? Anyone out there got one/played one and would like to share their views on it?