Afternoon fellas, ive had my guitar ( Ibanez RG321MH ) for about a month now and i remember my guitar tutor mentioning to me at my last lesson that i should change the guitar strings for new ones.

Are the strings you get with any new guitar of a lower quality than the ones you can buy? Ive had no problem with them so far and they sound fine to me, but then i am a beginner so i probably wouldnt tell the difference.

Should you also get a new guitar set-up professionally? The tutor was having a go with my guitar and he mentioned that some of the higher strings needed lowering as the action was too high. I have personally had to raise the action of both the E and A string as they would buzz around the 4/5th fret both when fretted and when played open.

Is it worth taking it somewhere so they can have a mess with it, or should i carry on with it as it is seeing how i think its ok?


If you like how it plays - keep it.

Don't be afraid to experiment though - raise the action, lower the action, change strings, de-tune strings - just experiment, play around with your instrument and find out what you like - not what your guitar teacher likes.

Once you've messed around with it and know what it is you want - take it to the shop and tell them how you'd like it set-up - and then it'll be professionaly set-up to your preference.
Change them.

Then you'll know what new strings sound like, and you'll be able to judge for yourself better when to change in the future.

You get nutcases who change their strings every week, but for most people it's either when they snap or about once every 4-6 weeks.
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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...
Sounds like your teacher is trying to drum up business for a shop. . .
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My advice is to get a book on guitar repair/maintenance or use us as a resource and learn how to set the thing up yourself. I change strings whenever they need to be changed. How can I tell? First clue - they're black. Second clue - they won't hold a tune. Third clue - they have bumps in the them from fretting. If your strings are still shiny and hold a tune, don't worry about changing them yet. As far as your action goes, setting up a guitar is a pretty systematic thing. Before you'll know what kind of action your guitar is truly capable of, you have to have the proper neck "relief" -- the slight bow in your neck. After that's taken care of, then you can manipulate your action. If your action is ridiculously high because of fret buzz, that might mean you need a new nut or you need your frets evened. I'm sure Ibanez has on their website a list of what they consider the "ideal" or base/factory measurements for string height, neck relief, etc. Now, all of that might sound complicated/daunting/overwhelming/impossible -- it isn't, as long as you respect the fact that your guitar is mostly comprised of what was once a living thing and needs to be treated that way. Adjustments should be made in small increments.
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The strings might be a lower quality but you'll just have to experiment with different strings and find what sounds best.
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You can do most adjustments to your guitar yourself, there are a lot of guides on the internet about adjusting action, changing strings, and so on. But I do have to say that getting a guitar profesionally set up can sometimes make your guitar even better playable.