I have and old Phoenix STC-33 strat lying around, it was my first guitar and I haven't played it in a long while. I think I'm gonna try to maybe customize it this summer. Because I use 0.010 strings the neck is quite bent and that's causing the guitar to be out of tune and the action to be really high. Mostly this can be solved by adjusting the truss rod but my guitar doesn't see to have one. There is a trussrod cavity though, and if I shine a little light in it I can see a wooden (!!!) trussrod-ish think somewhere in the neck at about the second fret. Anyone have a clue if this actually is a trussrod and if it can be adjust? and how, do I have to remove the fretboard or something?
That's gonna cost me too much :P I don't mind getting a professional set-up for a guitar I actually use (I got my Dean Custom 450 profesionaly set up) but this guitar is falling to pieces so I want to try and fix it myself just for the fun of fixing it. I plan to change a lot of things and make a thread about it in the guitar customization forum (new paintjob, some new elektronics, fix the tuners that are coming out, and so on....)