"Jotunspor is a band formed in 2005 by King (Gorgoroth, Sahg etc.) and Kvitrafn (Sigfader, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Sahg). Asked to do a "noisy Black Metal record" by Coldspring Records, King and Kvitrafn teamed up to produce a quality Black Metal album. The outcome of two hectic months in the studio can be experienced on "Gleipnirs Smeder". The album as a whole is strongly fundamented in the old norse cults and beliefs and is a dedication to their Norse forefathers and heritage. Jotunspor is NOT a liveband and can only be experienced on record."

And what a ****ing album it is. Brilliant stuff, one of the best black metal releases of the year so far imo. Check it out. http://myspace.com/jotunspor

And on a side note, in case you haven't heard, King has left Gorgoroth.
I've heard alot of good things about it, only heard one track though.

Its kinda **** King is no longer in Gorgoroth.
this album is strange, i enjoy the album when i listen to it but i can never really be bothered listening to it.
i also think my view of it is now tainted by how much a wanker king made of himself in the old gorgoroth debacle. the title track and track # 3 (cant remember the name) are the best.
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