Well I know there's probably a hundred of thread's like this.. But I need help fast!

Im tryin out for a new band in a couple of week's and theyre doing hardcore metal like Trivium and such stuff... And I know everybody maybe not can scream but I wanna try it, and I wanna have the right tequnic. Soo PLZ someone give a good explaination for how to do this, I would be really glad
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Breathe in as much as you can and push out from your gut. Make sure it doesn't come from your throat, you'll eff up your vocal chords. What helps for learning this, is drink some type of soda before you do this, sprite works best. Though soda isn't recommended right before vocal work, it's great for practice, because the sugar coats your throat, making it less dangerous, especially when your unsure of how to do it.
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