Need some help, I have 1,000 to spend on a recorder, but not quite sure which one to get? I do have a laptop with recording software, so the need to burn or have a hardrive on the recorder is not needed. Any suggestions?

I'm looking at the Tascam fw-1804


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I'd recommend a Presonus Firepod...but that's just because I've had an excellent experience with my Presonus Firebox. Anyways, at 1000 bucks, I'm sure most options will be pretty decent.

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the tascam ,the firebox, and many other 8+ channel interfaces are available to you. but the wuestion is, do you need that many inputs? if youre recording a whole band, then maybe you do, but if you're recording two acoustics, just guitar, guitar and vocals, or if youre a one man band recording one thing at a time, youll be much better off with a smaller interface and spending the money on first: monitors, and other gear such as mics and preamps. detail what you want to be able to record all at the same time, and be smart about it. are you actually going to follow through with gathering a whole band together to record? there is a lot more to it than you may think. i suggest a smaller, cheap interface so you can start collecting other gear that is highly overlooked.

Good luck