Today Is a grand day. I got my report card and I got 82%. My parents told me if I get more that 81% I will get an electric guitar. Now I was expecting to go into a store, try out a few guitars, and settle on a squire, epiphone or something like that. But My dad sorta promised his friend that I would buy his guitar. It's a red/white pickguard Stat copy, and I was wondering how much of a good guitar it is. I tried it out once and It wasn't so bad.
...a red and white strat copy?

Yeesh. Does it have a brand name?

Are you getting an amplifier?
I think he means that the brand name is Slammer.
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Then it's just as good as anything else you'd get for a hundred bucks.
Yeah The brand is slammer. No amp I alredy got a MarshallMg10cd (Just shut up) And i'm paying 100$ Canadian for it
You got 82% and your getting a $100 dollar guitar. I suggest you go in to your GC and settle for something else. If your dad insists on buying his friends guitar tell him it sounds like complete ****.
umm instead of givin us information in little bits, care to give us the model number? And when you do, i'l probably go on google and find a harmony central review for it (Something which you could do yourself?) and tell you all about it, at which you'l say you're gonna buy it anyways so yeah *shrugs*
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