i think there was a thread on this a while back but i searched and couldn't find it.
so if you had a guitar made to your exact specs, colors, body shapes, your name on the headstock, everything, what would it be like? if you would like to make one in kesikae and put it on here feel free to do that as well. me:

body style:strat
body color(s):black and gold
body material:rosewood
neck:21 frets
neck material:rosewood
neck color:black
headstock style:tele
headstock color:black
headstock material:rosewood
neck inlay:jackson
tuners:modern gold-ebony
string guide:50s
jack:gold strat
bridge:bigsby gold w/ whammy
pup: 3 paf gold
knobs:3 volume 3 tone
switch:lespaul black


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Orange or Red Strat with a black pickguard

Alder or Basswood body

Bolt on Maple neck with a rosewood board
Let's not forget the sexy plastic dot inlays

Angled Headstock (13 degrees)

2 red hot humbuckers, an Alnico in the neck and a Ceramic one in the bridge, output about

Custom neck profile which I can't be bothered to specify, but the same as the Ibanez GSA (call me a noob, but I love it)

American Standard strat bridge

Chrome hardware, 3-ply black plastic parts

500k pots for volume and 2 tone controls

Side mounted jack


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-mahoganyLP body w/ carved maple top

-all black

-clean fingerboard

-passive EMG 80, active EMG 80 &81 pups

-mahogany neck w/ ebony fingerboard

-22 frets

-2 volume controls, 2 tone controls, 3 way switch

-10 guage strings

-tuned to e#

-Understated look, powerful tone from EMGs and magohany body

-best suited for modern metal and shred.
how do i post the kiesekae guitars on here if i don't have a photobucket membership?

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That's some high tuning.

Anyway... Probably a 7-string Explorer. Bolt on AANJ, mahogany body with see thru black maple top, maple neck with Ebony fretboard and some custom inlays. As for hardware... String thru TOM bridge, some locking tuners, double humbucker configuration. Undecided as far as pickups go, but probably something Bareknuckle. Or DiMarzio Evo's. Controls, coil splitting for the neck, a concentric pot for double volume controls (one for each p'up) and a regular pot for master tone. And the headstock would probably be a Jackson style 3+3.

EDIT: And a 3 way switch. Forgot about that.
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-passive EMG 80, active EMG 80 &81 pups

There are no Passive EMG 80. And your guitar reminds me of a ESP Eclipse. Either way its nice.
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Custom Guitar (this is going to cost a fortune to be made)

Ibanez IC400 (24 frets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Set neck
Maho(high quality) Body
ebony fingerboard

Black Body, Red Binding

Floyd Rose ZR Trem (!!!! ouch for the routing)

with the words I N V I C T I O U S on the 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21 frets, and just a normal parallelogram inlay on the 1st and 24th fret

emg pickups, 81 and 85, if possible, stick in a single coil pickups between them, also emg (lol, i am crazy)

1 tone knob, 1 volume knob
5 way switch

Ok, please call me crazy, because making the above guitar is pretty difficult and will cost, quite a lot.