I wasn't too sure where to put this because I'm unsure of their genre, but I know it's not emo, so it can stay here until it gets moved, (that's if it does.)

Anyone heard this band?

They're pretty awesome, their EP "There's No Sympathy For the Dead" is immense, deffinately recommended.

www.myspace.com/escapethefate is the best place for their songs, unless you're going to download them.
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I heard their song Guillotine and thought to myself "holy balls this song is awesome.", which it actually is. Then I decided to venture home and dl more of their stuff... and it's awful, generic, and annoying.
wow, get this out of this forum, its not even nearly hardcore. i dont like it, they remind me of every "indie/ screamo /post-hardcore /emo" or watever you call them" bands that are in every town of america
they are decent. my band opened for their tour last night but for some reason escape the fate didnt play.
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