Whenever I have to use a brand new pick i find it really hard to play fast with, especially alternate picking. This probably takes me about two days of a lot of practice for me to get used to it and i can play to my original speed again.

I know this is definatly not normal because i have never heard of this problem from anyone else. I am currently using 1mm Tortex picks. What sould i do? Should i try a different guage? or different picks altogether? Any help would be appreciated because when it comes to playing gigs in the future i will probly need to use new picks all the time if i drop them.
Maybe you break em in, back when i used the tortexs i would bend em up a bunch to stretch em. . .
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i usually just grab fender mediums. theyre thick enough to strum the crap outta any progression, meanwhile, thin enough to nail quick solos
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I used to use .88 Tortex, i cut x's on the front and back, that got some grip. I moved onto dunlop jazz III's (black) and they kick major ass, and are definately awesome for alternative picking.
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Are the Jazz III picks more for like shredding and stuff? Are they any good for fast alternate picking on the low e-string, like for playing thrash rhythms?
I can pretty much only play with the Pickboy carbon fiber marijuana picks. That have sharp edges and are very thick and strong. I hate other picks. They arent hard enough, they are hard to grip, and they dont have points. It takes me a while to get used to a whole new type of pick, but not the same pick new.
i use dunlop tortex sharp, .77 mm

the yellow ones

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haha I dont think anything is wrong with you, its probably a common thing. Just most picks get broken into after awhile, so a brand new pick would be stiffer and in better shape, which your probably not use to after awhile. I would just recommend finding a pick that you like, and a guage, and always stick with it. It can be a pain in the ass playing with a .88 guage, then just out of the blue go out and buy 1.30mm or something, .. just stick with what works best.
i find that my plecs feel like a lighter guage when theyve been played with a while.

so maybe try a lighter thickness?
OF COURSE theres something wrong with you. you have problems nobody can ever fix.

but really, your probably just so used to using one type of pick, that when you have to use another type of pick, it doesnt feel right. I'd say try a lighter gauge. I currently use .88 dunlop nylons.... they work wonders for me. maybe youll like them too
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i had that prob when i started but id always buy different size picks till i found the glory of .73 tortex and of course jazzIIs for jazz playing no other picks will work for me now
Ok thanks guys for the comments. Ill try lighter guages first.

^I tried using credit card picks for a while. They sucked - HARD

Any people that play a lot thrash metal here? What picks do you use?
i play metal and use the green tortexs, and i find worn picks are better too. i tihnk what it is, is that if you look closely at a worn pick, the edges are kinda slanted. For me this is cos i hold my pick at a slight angle. new picks are perfectly straight and dont have that angle, which could be why you find it wierd.

you should get used to it after a while though because they will slowly wear. in my experience tortexs dont wear down very quick which is a good thing because as long as you dont loose ur picks, they should last a fair long time, so you shouldnt need new ones THAT often.
you just get used to a worn out pick...so the cure is,dont let your picks were out,keep pulling out new ones,and you will get used to band new pointy picks.