Hey everyone, Ive been coming to this site ever since i started playing guitar about 6 - 7 months ago. This is absolutely my favorite site. Like everyone here might agree practice can be a bore if your just playing basics all the time so i like to try out new songs and throw in chords and tricks here and there. But i would love to try to get some effects incorportated in all of this. I want a pedel thats not outragous in price but one that can do many diffent things. I have been trying to play some Wolfmother as of recent and they use things like fuzz. Can anyone here help me in what would be a great pedel to try out?? I have my eye on a
I found it on ebay but im still unsure. Any other pedels or processors that anyone could suggest would be great. Thanks.
Er, chill on the smilies dude.

Anyways, I think you'd be better off getting some individual pedals and not a multi-effect. Individual pedals almost always sound better. If you're just getting into effects and you want something that will change your sound alot, try maybe a delay or something.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
I own a Fender Squire Stratacastor with a Marshall 15 watt practice amp with Distortion if that makes a diffence in what i should use.
go to your local store and try a few different pedals, think about what songs you want to play or whos sound influences you and see what they use. if you go for a multi effects try a boss me 50 no crapy menus editing patches or amp simulations just straight forward easy to use effects
Im quite picky. I used to be a rap head so im not into alot of different Rock music. Some things that i do love to hear or play are bands like Audioslave, Wolfmother, Korn (but thats 7 string), Rage against the Machine, Tool, ect.
What do you all think?? Thats the sound that i want to get, what other pedels, individual or mulit do you all suggest??
I own a ME 50.
I like it very much, I own it now for a year and now I think it would have been better, when I had bought a GT8
Is the Boss GT8 better and worth it more than the Boss ME-50??
They both seem to be competitors between everyone.

Damn Haters!!!
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