Hey, I was at a party with my acoustic, and a someone spilt a liquid on my guitar, which was non carbonated. I got home and it has an incredibly deep out of tune sound. I tried tuning it back to normal and the bridge cracked b/t bridge pins. Any sugestions?
buy a new bridge maybe
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Really? If you spill liquids on electronic devices, it messes them up?!

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not sure
your guitar is screwed my friend... well first you could probably buy a bridge at stewmac. com remove the old one and put on the new one... or you could take it to the shop
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make the person buy you a new guitar/pay for repairs
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I tried tuning it back to normal and the bridge cracked b/t bridge pins. Any sugestions?

When you say cracked b/t bridge pins do you mean it's split in half? Can you show us a pic? or give a more detailed description of the crack?

As for the out of tune thing, that is just one of those things that happens when they get wet. Give it some time to dry out.
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I have given it about a month, I the last time i downloaded pics on my comp the hard drive fried so it looks like this:

( 0--0--0--0--0--0 )

The 0s represent the bridge pins, and the -- represent the cracks, and the ( and the ) represent the start and finish of the bridge.
That is a commen break. You do need to take the gutiar to a luthier and get a new bridge. It should cost you about $100 if you are in the states. The cracking is going to be what caused your tuning problems but the crack has nothing to do with the liquid on your guitar.
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