Ok this is my situation...i put this amp up to sell on ebay figuring that it still works even though i haven't played it in a while...so about half way through the auction i decided to check if it still worked lol ( yes i know i'm a dumb@$$)...anywaysit doesnt work...my problem is a constant humming noise coming out ofthe amplifier but no sound of a guitar at all...the only thing that will kill the humming noise is if i plug a jack into the extra speaker or headphone input....even then i get no guitar sound it just kills the humming noise...the way i got it like this was by hooking two amps together by there extra speaker inputs...when i turned them both on they completely went crazy...the other amp started to smoke out the back and make the same humming noise and the one im trying to sell just simply hums constantly unless like i said i plug a jack into the headphone or speaker input...anyone have any idea whats wrong? please help it would be a huge favor from anyone who could...
what type of amp is it? chanches are it's just a piece of ****
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One amp is a crate and the other was a squier...both not good brands but that doesnt have anything to do with i dont think...something must have got blown or somethin but im not sure since i have no idea about the insides of an amp and i jut need to get it fixed or fiure out whats causing the humming