ive been playing for a year and a half and i always use my thumb and fingers. i got pretty good and even learned to upstroke with my thumb but i think i should start using a pick. i seem to be able to use it alright but somethings a cant do as well. does is take long to get used to? i want to get faster so i think a pick would be a good idea.

i was also wondering about alternate picking. is there a good way to do it? i find if i angle the pick a bit i can make it smoother but i dont really know much about picking. is there maybe a site that goes over proper picking techniques?
Just keep on doing it you'll get the hang of it after a while. Try to make sure not much of the pick touches the strings and that it his it flat so you don't get a scratchy noise. Try to alternate pick as much as you can cause that you'll improve quicker. A simple excerise is to start at the 5th fret on the E string and play 5,6,7,8 with each finger using up and down strokes then do it back again. Do this on each string and make sure your hitting each note sounds as good as the last. Don't rush take your time.
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Nice username dude, er i've been playing er like three years i think.......yeah. I've been using a pick the whole. It will take a while to get picking speed up to scratch, well it did for me anyway. I find that angling it does help and i also find it easier when i palm mute for some reason but yeah it will take time and it will take time to like get your wrist moving as well but that shouldn't really be a problem since you've been finger picking and stuff. Er i know that this probably wasnt much help but er i tried lol good luck dude \m/
yer for alternate picking, when you wanna get some speed, i always use a 1mm+ pick and i tend to hold the pick right near the tip and tilt it more vertically into the string, which allows less surface area to get caught on the string, in turn increasing you playing speed. Keep practising and find what works for you tho, good luck
Once you get alternate picking sorted you can move on to economy picking, this will vastly improve your picking and help you play faster.