Hey everyone. I have been on UG for a while, and I havent really heard people talk about the Crate V series amps. They are tube amps and I have heard from some people that they are good, but never heard about them on here. I havent seen them at music stores I have been to either. What does everyone have to say about them?
ive heard there pretty damn good amps...ive used one..never cranked it though.....plus ive never used real EMGs or anyother high output pups on it...i didnt think it had much distortion from my experiences.....but keep in mind i never cranked it.....

how much do they cost?
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GREAT amps, i want to buy one for practice but all the crate dealers only stock the crappy SS crates around here, and i dont wanna pay the "curtacey"(?) charge for them to order me one
PM Refixer, he has one of the V series, I think it's the V50. He likes it a lot, and I think he even has some clips using a mic.
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I've got the Crate VFX5112 and it is amazing. Whoever said it didnt have distortion - LOL @ you. The distortion on this thing is sick.

Mine is the 1x12 version but its really loud. I'm going to eventually add a Mesa/Boogie 4x12 cab on it to get a full-er sound. (My next amp is going to be a MesaBoogie Triple Rectifier... thats a year or so off though.)

I have the VFX5212, and I'll agree with the above poster. This puppy can sing, and it can pump out the volume like nobody's business. The clean channel is very good, and the distorted channel can produce a lot of gain. It's probably not enough for death metal, but it's enough for me.

I'd definitely recommend trying one of the V series amps out if you can find them somewhere. Only one of my local shops sells them, and they only stock the 15 watt version which is also very good from my limited time of trying it out. Good luck.
They don't all have effects.

Oh, and I have the Palomino V8 and it has a wonderful sound. Nowhere near metal gain or anything but it gets pretty far up there.
We bought our rhythm guitarist/vocalist a Crate Vseries 33watt 2x12 for about $280 including tax. Its amazing. You won't find another amp like this for the price. I believe they discontinued the 33, so i'm going to have to settle with the 18watt 2x12.

Definitely worth it. You'll love it.
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I've got the 30 watt Palomino. It's only 1x12, but like others have said... it can make ears bleed. And no, the drive channel can't do the hardest of metal, but it can get pretty heavy.
I have the V18 2x12" and its great; does everything I need it to. I don't play real heavy stuff, mostly generic rock, pop-punk, blues, jazz. The cleans and light distortion are great. I wouldn't be able to tell you about metal-y quality, though I have heard they don't handle metal very well.
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