ok, new song here. summer school got in the way of my creativity for a while, but i found some time to record this. there's a bunch of harmonized solos which i think sound very nice. the song has an "arch enemy" kind of feel, but not the insane death metal ones, the instrumental ones, like "snow bound" (go DL it, its amazing). so i guess this is more in the style of michael amott (the arch enemy guitarist). so its called "flight." hope u enjoy it, feel free to leave comments. its located here http://myspace.com/j0nnybarv0
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
first off love snow bound man, kicks major ass, i'm loving this intro guitar, the harmony gets a bit dissonant, with some sour notes at a part in the beggining, love the clean though, its awesome
haha love the satch lick at the begining of the solo

very solid - need some lyrics tho then it would be awesome
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