so im thinking about getting a b-52 AT 100. i've read a couple things saying i should replace the stock tubes immediately. But this is my first tube amp and i dont know much about them, so what kind of tubes do you guys think i should put in it?
You definitely do not have to replace the tubes unless something is wrong with them. I would play it for a while and see what you think. Then talk to JJ at Eurotubes and get his reco's.
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IMO I think you should use the amp with the stock tubes first. That way, you get used to tweaking your speicific EQ and controls. If after you get it, and there is something you don't like about the sound that you can't fix with the EQ, then try experimenting with tubes. That will give you a better appreciation of the differences in brands/types too. I'm assuming you've tried the amp already, was there something you didn't like about the sound?
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the only stock tubes that are just pure trash are the Blue Voodoos, ive played the AT 100 and it sounded fine stock
I have that head and I have read that changing the tubes makes it a lot better. The stock tubes are fine for me. I am just going to use those till I need more.
Yea, I'd change them but that's just me. It was a night and day difference, I wouldn't even realize it was the same amp. The JJs added clarity, warmth, and even more low end. They got rid of that graininess and harshness I'd get on the distortion channels, and actually did add a bit more gain.
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I would advise NOT ordering it on the internet. I received 3, yes 3, defective amp heads from MF before I gave up on B-52. I also played 2 broken ones at a guitar center in Denver. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't take 5 broken amps to tell me this isn't the one for me, but it definately got the point across.

Anyways, from the working ones that I've played, they are mediocre at best. I saved up $500 more and bought a dsl100 half stack. Totally dominates.

Remember, you get what you pay for.
i dont trust the internet. go to a local store and play it and ask a professional about tubes.

from what i know, people do put in new tubes every year or so, but that is not needed. i would only replace them if they were broken or really sucking.
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First off the AT series owns everything in the same price range IMO. Second I played the at-2-12 combo at GC the other day and the stock tubes sounded killer to me so I say just play with the stock tubes for a while. There is no reason to fix something thats not broken.
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I like mine alot.

I opted for the tube swap, and I replaced all of them with JJ's- makes a really big difference. Worth the money.

Though, I think it sounds pretty good with the stock tubes- so it's not like you have to immediatly have to invest in new tubes upon purchase.
Tubes can get expensive, so play on 'em for awhile. If you're not digging the tone, then change them. I would however consider it if it was a display model... I've had my Orange AD-140 for 2 years now and I've never had to change a tube... though, I'm about to switch to electro-harmonix tubes...