i've heard good things about both these amps but all round which amp is better? im slowly getting more into metal but to me the vox ad50 seems better

could i get a good metal tone from the vox? would i need to get distortion pedal? at the mo i have a boss me50 that can do a good metal tone
cube 60 for metal, already has good distortion, and vox isnt great at metal and modelling amps dont react well with pedals.
Generally speeking
cube 60-metal hard rock
vox-classic rock, blues great cleans
MY gear
Vintage v100 les paul.
POS Ion strat
Vox ad50vt
15 watt practice amp
Ibanez rg570
ok maybe i would be better off with a normal amp but im not really lookig for an all tube amp. has anyone heard stuff about a randall rg75? i tried one out n it seemed pretty nice