I have been looking into changing the strings on my fretless, and some La Bella tapewounds caught my eye.

So soes anybody here know anything about them or have any tips?

My bass teacher mentioned that I should put active pickups in because theyre so quiet, but no one really makes 5 string (same dimensions as fender) active single coils. Perhaps you could help me here as well.
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They're good for blues and more mellow stuff. I've only used them once on my Jazz bass (4 string), and I didn't have any volume problems that my amp couldn't fix.

For active single coils, perhaps MEC or EMG.
I use them on my Carvin LB-70F, and they sound great. In fact, I moved the saddles over and put in a fifth saddle (it has a Wilkinson bridge, so you can do this) so now it has five strings (a high C). It sounds like buttah. They are roundwound under the tape, so you get a lot of the "mwah" factor coming though--and it reduces wear and tear on the fingerboard.