how can i improve my improvisation?
i find i get stuck for ideas and most of my soloing sounds the same
i also have this problem...it seems like im always using the pentatonic scales to improvise but when i cant use one of those i cant make a very good solo...i would say just learn as many scales as possible and learn how to apply them to different situations in songs...mood is also very important...you cant use a minor scale in a happy song you know...
Ya make sure you have the correct scale in key. Also use tecniques like bends, vidrato, tapping, and that sort of stuff.
try different styles of music try different ways of playing play like other people.
Try improvising with the Minor scale. I was stuck just doing the pentatonic up and down, but I love doing the minor scale alot more. Being able to go from some notes and do a half step up or down instead of always a full step totally changes your sound. For instance, look at this lick.


Kinda dry right? You can't get much of a differet sound just out of one pentatonic shape just because most of the time you just do whole steps.

Try a very similar lick in the Minor scale

--------4 4h5p4--------4--5--5h7--7--7~~~~~-----
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i once read a book called Blood Curddling Tales of Horror and the Macabre by HP Lovecraft. after 3 stories my perception and understanding of consensus reality started crumbling. i was in my early-mid 20s and already slightly paranoid. this translated into my guitar playing. i followed my insticts rather than my knowledge. i started playing what i wanted to hear and i started playing what i was truly feeling. i think people rely too much on technique and theory and scales and this and that. i'm not saying that all that stuff isn't neccessary. i have great reverence for people who can read music. i don't have the discipline. but don't rely on it. abandon controll over yourself. stop listening to the notes and stop thinking so much. i once "composed" a dual guitar track about a subway ride at 3:30am in nyc. the station was abandoned. i waited for about 45 minutes for a train to arrive. flourecent lights flickered. i could hear distant trains rumbling. the dripping of the sewar-stream running down the trough of the center of the tracks. the rats rumaging for food and dashing off into the darkness of the tunnel.