How are these amps? Please look..

1/ http://cgi.ebay.com/LANEY-TF200-GUITAR-AMP-NEW-LOUD_W0QQitemZ7417460905QQihZ016QQcategoryZ10171QQcmdZViewItem

( I know it has endet I will buy another one)

2/ http://www.hughes-and-kettner.com/products.php?mode=tech&id=104#


It will probably take 4/5 minutes but will really help me..
3rd one seems very sweet for me..
What do you think?
I play metal and have a Jackson Dk-2?
Try a few amps out, and the 3rd one won't be any good for you at all.

Try out a Roland Cube of some kind, they'd be great for you.
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I'm guessing that your gonna want something that is loud enough for a band practice and a gig or two. I agree with you, that the fender 212 sounds sweet. I have played several shows with this thing before, and trust me, it's loud as hell. i didn't even turn it up above 4 or 5 for the gigs. One gig was in a school gym, and this gym was huge, and this amp totally filled the gym up on like 4 or 5. it can get a little noisy if you have the gain all the way up, or even up past like 5 on the distortion channel, but you don't need it up that high anyway to get a heavy sound. also, the super distortion setting on the footswitch totally blows, it's just a bunch of static and sounds terrible. but again, you don't need that to get a heavy sound. This amp is paticularly good for punk music. (you might abhor punk, but i'm just puttin it out there) it's pretty bright sounding. You can get all the sounds you want. I'd go with the fender if i had to chose from only those three. What i personally did was get the GMX212 that behringer made, because it had everything that the fender did, plus an infinite amount of effects. for each channel, you can chose between from three gain modes, three different amp simulations, and three different speaker simulations. that's a total of 27 possible options per channel! it's ****in amazing! that will give you a ton of versatility for playing out live, if that's what you want to do. also, for each effect, you can chose how much of the effect you want. for example, a ton of reverb, or just a tinge. it's pretty ****ing sweet.

I really don't see anything in that 60 watt amp, although it had a nice speaker. I know that Aaron Lewis from Staind used to tour with a Laney cab, I doubt that he does now. and I'd be careful about 200 watts for 300 bucks. and it's ebay. it could be totally ****ed by the time it arrives at your doorstep.

I'd go with the fender or the Behringer GMX 212. the behringer is probably only like 25-50 bucks more than the fender.

or you could just buy yourself a wall of marshall half stacks, take your pick. i would have gone with this option, but i came about $2000 short at the checkout desk.
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^A Roland Cube would do metal a lot better probably, try one out.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Quote by hellfire-delay
HAHA!! Ok but do you think that GMx is suitable for metal?

sure. it won't give you the crushing sound of a full stack, but it'll do just fine. now a full stack or a half stack would be the weapon of choice for the crushing sound you're looking for, but hey, who's got the cash?
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