ok i've been playing acoustic for like one and a half years and i got an electric 3 months ago. i had a few troubles getting used to the pick and worked on that for quite a while and now i want to build up a repertoire including rock/hardrock /metal...
my level on electric is beginner going on intermediate, i can do stuff like maidens wasting love.
what songs would you recommend learning which sound good, fit my level and are helpful to improve my technique?
(wasting love was a big help, cuz at first i couldn't do arpeggios using a pick!)
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I apologize in advance if any of my suggestions are things you already know.

Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers: Even though you'll be tempted to play this completely fingerstyled, don't. The technique is called hybrid picking, where you pick the lower note and pluck the higher one with a free finger at the same time. This comes up in the intro and you should learn how to make the transition from picking regularly to hybrid picking fluid.

Eruption- Van Halen: You're probably going to have a lot of trouble with this, but it covers a couple of useful techniques. Practice it slow. The main highlight to learn in this is right handed tapping, which you might have covered in your acoustic days... moving from picking position to tapping is pretty akward at first. Depending on how you do it you might not even be able to use your first finger. There's also tremelo picking, around 0:29 in the song.

Razor Blade- The Strokes: The beginning is played in double stops, which can be annoying to alternate pick when you're just starting with a pick.

Cowboys from Hell- Pantera: You also get a lot of alternate picking in here, along with pinch harmonics and some basic string skipping.

If you don't know what some of these things are http://cyberfret.com is a great place to start.
I disagree with the suggestion of Eruption. Aside from the tapping section it is just cacaphony. Most of the time he is not in one key, just playing fast through 'boxes'. Learn the tapping, forget the rest, it is way too overated to waste your time on. Try an easier g'n'r song like sweet child of mine. And if you want a van halen solo learn 316, it's easy but sounds really nice. If you feel a bit more brave than try your hand at 'spanish fly'. Though it is a bit trickier than eruption.
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Thanks guys! I've decided to go for sweet child an dunder the bridge as I've got them on cd!
"... cause it's not only music, it's a chosen way of life..."

- Gamma Ray, Heavy Metal Universe