A friend has a 10-port mixer that is wanting to connect to a pc for recording. I thought this M-Audio Delta 1010LT from MF would be what he would need. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Delta-1010-LT-PCI-Digital-Audio-System?sku=701376

Is there a better way to do this, under $300? Would it be better to bypass the mixer and directly interface into a pc? Or maybe run the drum outputs into the mixer and the vocals and instruments into the pc directly?
I dont really know about souncards, It doesnt look so bad, but I would go with the interface Idea...What for someone with better knowledge on soundcards
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the delta, while not having an external box, is a 24/96 high quality interface. i think sometimes people assume something that looks like a soundcard and not an interface think its just a computer soundcard. you could get very good results with that card, depending on the mixer. supply a link to the mixer if you dont understand the folloqing:

the only you'll be able to record each track individually is if each channel on the mixer has individual inserts(aka sends/returns). these allow you to output each channel of the mixer individually. this sort of defeats the purpose of a MIXer, since your not really mixing the tracks together, just using the mixer for its preamps and eq's. so look at all the jacks on the mixer, do any of them say insert? or send/return? there should be one per channel, otehrwise, you cant record each track individually with that mixer. you could send the stereo outs of the mixer into 2 inputs on the delta, but in that case, you dont need a soundcard like the 1010 since you will be only using 2 of the 8 inputs it has. look at the m-audio audiophile:$99, 2 inputs or delta 44:150$ 4 inputs. that way youre not wasting inputs you paid for. or you could buy a new mixer that does have inserts for every channel or a bucnh or preamps. post a linik or description(make model) of the mixer and ill try to help more.

Unless you have individual sends or busses for all 10 tracks than you are out of luck, and a Delta 1010 is of no use for you.
So... would it be better then to use the mixer for the drums, and send the other channels into the sound card individualy, (one for lead guitar, vocals, bass, ect..)? and if it would be better to do that, how would you interface it into the sound card? (like does it have to go into a pre-amp before it goes in, then do you just get an adaptor for the rca jacks?) thanks for all the help so far.
i suggest getting a two inputs interface such as the audiophile.

plug the mics for the drums into the mixer and connect the stereo outs from the mixer to the interface. you will NOT need a preamp between the mixer and the interface. the mixer acts as a preamp, infact, it acts as multiple preamps as each channel youre plugging a mic into has a preamp. the mixer brings the signals from the mics up to recording level which the interface will have no troublerecording. infact, it would be bad to put another preamp before the interfacce because you are amplifying an already amplified singal.

the only downside to tthis approach is that you have to learn to mix the drums and accept that you will have little ability to change them after they are tracked. then you can record 2 instruments at a time after that while listening to the drums through the headphones or vice versa.


there are 2 input interfaces out there that cost 150% of the cost of the delta 1010. for double the price of the audiophile, you get FOUR tiimes the analog inputs, MIDI, clock, and digital features. in short, i sugest you get the delta 1010 if you can afford it, and use the mixer for the drums plugged into the first two inputs, and continue as i suggested in the first paragraph. then when you can upgrade to a mixer with individual outputs for each channel, you can take advantage of the 8 inputs you piad good money for. good luck and dont be afraid to ask more questions. ill be happy to help.