I'm creating my own song for my first time, im attepting to make a strong riff that i can support my song around, and this is what i got:

i tried to space it out so you can understand the rhythym, it isnt played fast anyway, i thought it sounded like another song a lil? but i don't know? if it does to you tell me then ill just scrap the riff and start over.


Does anybody have any advice on creating a song, for structure wise i thought i would have:

-bass play a riff clsoe to that once
-guitar comes in on 2nd time
- then it repeats with lyrics and drums come in
- then i need to create a pre chorus? any ideas? maybe palm mutting?
- then the chorus might just be that riff again?

Any ideas or help would be nice.
I'm guessing that you're playing punk, right? and about the original part, well, it's all art. that riff sounds like every Green Day song ever written. However, this didn't stop green day from recording the same thing over and over again. Hell, that riff sounds like the whole ****in punk genre, so don't let it stop you. Green day has made a 16 year career on **** like that. so it's art man, do what you ****in want. (i like green day by the way...)

i guess you might want to have a different guitar part for the chorus. Green day will start out with a riff like that, but then they almost always go with another power chord to start the chorus. why don't you maybe go clean for like 10-20 seconds as the pre-chorus, and then explode into some catchy chorus. that was just my idea, but do what u want, there's no ****in rules man!

what i would suggest is branching beyond power chords every once and awhile. even if you switch to just open chords for a little bit, it'll make a difference. if you're having trouble writing songs, just go to a song that u love, look at the tab and see where they start. don't copy the song, but just go from where that song started, and u should get some sort of musical flow from that. use your influences. listen to all sorts of ****, it'll expand your horizons.

and oh yeah, good luck!
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sounds like a ****ty cover of wild thing to me
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just by looking at that, my telepathic powers tell me its gonna sound like greenday.
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