hey. theyre not entirely my cup of tea but with all the 'hype' around Lordi at the moment (haha) ive been forced to listen to em due to my addiction to music TV

i dont like em particularly but theyre tone is absolutely amazing. powerful, and distorted without sounding muddy and overcranked, its beautiful.

i play a few guitars through a marshall jackhammer into a marshall AVT 275.

can anyone give me any tips on how to get it? please


thats the track with the tone i really desire

its obviously a bit more tinny and trebley than on the actual track, havin bein compressed n stuff
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Theyre really are good band even the Eurovision won proofs a lot...im from finland myself and ive been listening this band pretty long time..
I dont know wot there tone is but i agree with @li@s H4nZu, they are a really good band. Easy to listen to at 6.30 in the morning (when i am getting ready for school).
try od1 with the bass about half, mids about half, and treble about 7. Gain about 6 or 7. bridge humbucker.
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