I've always known that tube amps are insanely better then solid state or hyrbrid or any of that crap. Well I want the JCM 800 , because I'm really shooting for that hard rock sound. Zakk Wylde , more along the lines of Slash. I know the Jubliee's arent produced anymore so forget it and I dont want a slash sig I find it stupid. The JCM 800 seems like the one for me but i want some one to help me out on tubes? Like what are some of the main tubes , how does it effect your sound. IE is one going to make it sound more bluesy , another heavier and such. ??? Any help guys?
yea pretty much but JCM 800 is pretty much the standard , he uses JCM live anyways. Lol dont want to be a fulllllll on slash imitation.
the 800 is a solid amp i prefer the 2210 myself 2 channels 100 watts pure heaven