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So, tomorrow I'll be recieving my new soundcard, the M-Audio Delta 66. So I figured I would go buy a mixer. I'm gonna use it for homerecordings, I'm going to record my keyboard, guitar, bass and vocals. I have a Shure SM57 mic.

Which mixer is the best, the Behringer UB802 or the Phonic MU802? Are they even different? Should I go for something else? Should I go for something bigger, keeping in mind it should fit on my desktop?

For my guitar I've got a Boss ME-50 fx unit which will serve as preamp for my guitar. The mixers have microphone preamps. Will I be needing any more preamps? How many tracks will I be able to record at the same time? Is this a good solution for recording?

On a side note, I've got the Line 6 GuitarPort. Can I use that to record bassguitar with?

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U can use the Guitarport to record bass. For me the mixers are virtually the same thing but from past experience I've liked the Behringer .
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can you tell me the difference between a 44 and a 66? if not, you probably wasted a little bit of money on stuff youll never use. how many tracks do you expect to record at once? it sounds like you only be recording your self. you couldve done better than a delta 66. something with less tracks, but high quality bulit in preamps. detail what you want to be able to record a the same time and ill try to help some more.

The difference between those two cards is that the 66 has S/PDIF in/out. And with the money thing, the place I found Delta 44 in Denmark it cost 1.295,- DKKR and the place I found the Delta 66 it cost 1.300,- DKKR so yeah, I've wasted 5 DKKR which is a little less than a buck.

I want to be able to record 'jamsessions' and 'live' studio recordings I do with my friends. So far we've only recorded us live on an old taperecorder which sucks. So I want to be able to do at least two guitars at the same time, prefereably two guitars, a keyboard and a bass guitar. But for the start, two guitars or one guitar one keyboard.
ok you made a good deal then lol. sorry, i just wanted to make sure you didnt get ripped buying the 66 for spdif which youll never use. i personally would go for a behringer mixer, just because ive heard better things. thne you should be able to use the half clikc method on the inserts on each channel of the behringer and record each channel seperately using the delta 66.