hey. i need a stage tuner cuz i throw my guitar around a bit onstage n knock it out of tune, meanin i need quick tuning on stage. im the singer aswell so cant have a rackmounted to turn around to between songs or anything really.

everyone seems to use a TU-2 and although im sure theyre good, are they actually any more accurate/better?

or is it just that your simply payin for the name?
anyone got any cheaper/equally as good suggestions?
cheers. but on ebay UK (i cant buy from america), i cant find anything less than 50 or so quid, which is not really any less than i can buy retail. then i have to buy a powerpack, for another 15 or so quid?

it seems a bit silly that i could get, for about £15 a cheap tuner, which would do the job (admittedly not as well)

but it does seem overpriced..

am i just payin for the boss name?