Yeah I'm lookin for a new guitar but i dont know what to get. I only got about 400$ (Can) to spend and i want something that would sound good playing Nirvana or Pearl Jam or stuff along the lines of that. I'm playin on a tiny amp and I need something with big sound. Any Suggestions?
the amp is what makes about 85% of your sound, but for that stuff i have no idea.
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amp is the most important i think u can get a pedal also haha nice statement "F**K the color pink, Real men listen to metal"
yeah a les paul would get you a deep rich sound... but a lot of grunge era stuff (pearl jam/nirvana like you said) was played on a strat or tele so you might want to look into those...

mexican made fender strats are cheap but not too bad in my opinion... not the greatest but they play. also look into getting a bigger amp if you can because that will def. help.

i'd say 50% not 85% of your sound.
^go coheed and cambria^ Anyway I say Split the diff, and get a fender fat strat, Humbucker Bridge pickup, and two Single coils in the middle and neck Positions, Great for allot of things,
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Epiphone les paul standard, The mahogany body, Plus the humbucker pickups, make a heavier sound,

theres the custom and plain top so yeh and the model your talking about the plain top is actually getting pretty bad reviews for quality