Hey, thers probly thousands of these threads lying around buteny ways, i can spent around £300-400 max on a new electric guitar. I play alot of rock an an heavy stuff too so i need summet sturdy with good pick ups, an i would realy like one with a tremelo bar thing (i don no if thers a differece between a tremolo and a whammy bar so w/e) and you probably cant get guitars guitars with locked stings in my price range but they would come in realy handy. Has eny1 got eny ideas? thanx
Try looking at Like an Ibanez 270 DX or something. I have a 370 DX and it was around 500 and it's great for all the characteristics you mentioned: whammy bar, decent pickups (I upgraded mine though) and just overall a pretty solid guitar.

thats the only advice you need

just play stuff and see what you like
well the nearest decent guitar store is about an hour and a half away so i want to no pretty much what i want first
recently i bought a Kramer Striker Custom FR-424CM. was $225 USD + shipping. i am very satisfied with the company. 2 QuadRails and 1 DualRail in H/S/H config with liscensed floyd rose and locking nut. 24 frets, alder body, maple neck


check it out if ur interested
looks realy kl ta but i wood hav 2 fork out for a new neck cause thats one ugly s.o.b lol
they dont look like that when u get em. i got mine in vintage sunburst, which looks awesome, and the grain on the neck looks real neat