hey everyone, i have been using this technique for a few weeks and its only accured to me that i hav'nt seen it before. heres the deal, i play normal chords (not in barre from) and use my pinky to mute all the strings in certain rythmes. abit like a ska/indie feel. if anyone can tell if it has a special name or anyone else uses this, i'll be interested.

oh, i know it takes a bit of getting used to but, mainly the hardest thing isnt the muting part but timing the mute, it can really fudge up your rythme as you can imagine. i hate it!!
are you talking about.... hmm ok let's say you are playing an open E chord... and then laying your pinky down on the 3rd/4th frets to mute all the strings while strumming?
^-- neither do i

anyway... threadstarter... yes i do that. i'm not sure if there's any technical name for it though.