I think I'm gonna pick up their new album.. and go see them live at this festival..
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
then you can go hear them at their myspace.
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
don't know if their post slowdive but yes they're 4..
EDIT: yes post slowdive, it's on their myspace biografy
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
I'm listening to breaking the ice.
And i'm really liking it, it's pretty catchy.
Makes me want to dance.
"Insecticon" of the Predacons Beast Wars Club
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You make me feel
Like a dog, you can see, my emotions
Is this for real, i'm a man
Sinking deep, in the ocean
I have Out of Tune and its a fairly damn good album, they have an excellent sound. Plus, i've decided that pooch has good taste in everything so 'Excuses for Travellers' is now added to my albums to buy list. o, and pooch, if you see this, just remember that your in the n00bs vs. Vets lyric comp and I think we need a piece out of you or something O, and since I'm leaving, i'm designating you captain #2 so just tell Mike, Ret and the other two that.