Ok so I know some of the lyrics have been done a million times, and its to the basic twelve bars blues, nothing fancy, no metaphors and ****, just simple blues. Pretty siple, mainly because I wrote it from the top of my head. Comments are appreciated. Oh yeah, its in no particular structure at the moment. So Yah..


I have the same old blues,
Everyday, Oh Lord
I get those blues.

You know my lady left me,
For another man,
You know my lady left meee,
I did what I can,

But I still got the same old blues
They won't leave me alone
Hounding my back
Why they won't leave, I just don't know

Pull out a bottle of gin,
And Down the few last sips,
Let them slip from the rim
and trickle down my chin.

Oh lord i got those blues
It Aint nothing new,
Oh lord those god damn blues
My guitar sings them too.

You know I need them to play
With my heart and soul
But when I let those feelings fly
My heart begins to cry

Those god damn blues
Those god damn blues
Those god damn blues

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