anyone heard good things about this amp? i tried it out n thought it sounded pretty damn good. its £340 in my local guitar shop. is there any other good amps around £300 that are solid state or hybrid?
Ive got this amp. I also think that its pretty damn good, but thats my opinion. I havn't really had a lot a xperience with a lot of amps so i cant compare it. A lot of people think these are for metal but iv'e been able to get some decent rock tones out of it, although it does take a bit of fine tuning (that contour knob on the gain channel really sucks arse). I was also impressed by the clean channel. For a ss state i think it's absolutley amazing. Crystal clear. Only real problem i've had is at high volumes no matter how far you turn the bass back, it really has a lot of bass. bit over powering at times Might be my settings, but yeah not a bad amp for the price imo.