I know its such an overdone song, but its the song that got me into guitar, so I thought Id give it a try. I know theres a few timing issues... sorry about that. First solo is just kinda improvised because I dont know the solos. I also skipped the second, so sorry about that. Other than that, let me know what you think.
EDIT: Sorry about that my dmusic
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Linking it might help
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not too bad, some mistakes at the beginning, you should maybe slow it down, and work on smoothness, seemed a bit off, but overall not tooo bad, love the pinch harmonic! everyone is doing that now adays! EVEN ME! verse riff not bad, prechorus definately could use some more work--- ok, solo, no offense, i have no idea what you were doing? Improvising?? Not good, i definately would work on the rythym skills, then work on the intro solo. Overall not bad though, Ill give it a 6.5, maybe a 7
PS- how many years have u been playing for?
^^ It's ok, i was really around where you were at that time, im about 2-2.5 years through, and ive improved a lot! So keep on slaving away, and you'll sound much better! The good thing about being able to record is to hear yourself, see your mistakes, then go back, practice each section better, and overall improve on your song! Good luck!
ill crit as i listen, intro could use a lot of work, seems like you miss notes, the PH is cool i might have to steal that and use it when i play. verse was good, chorus need work, focus on smoothing the whole thing out and really flow from one section to the next, sounds like in the second verse you alternate pick the E, again clean up the chorus, first solo is not good at all, seems like you know the part leading to it but you miss a lot of notes. time gets way off after the first solo, its a b*tch in this song tho. that little ascending bit after where the second solo would be needs to be sped up, i dont like the slides you do throughout the song, id try to flow from one part to the next instead of sliding like that, its cool sometimes but not when you over do it. one more thing, in the verse parts it seems like your not separating the slides and its too clustered. overall id give it probably a 6, it could def. use a lot of work but you have the main chunk of it pretty good.
alright instead of trying to cover the song when u clearly cant play it focus on getting ur playing up to speed, ur never gonna sound good unless u can play the part properly. u should get a metronome and just practice down picking at like 60 bpm, then slowly raise it itll help ur rhythm and alt picking and just word on learning the song and spend some more time playing

plz crit mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=385431
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messing up a little....nice ph other than that its good.......slow it down.....
either its too fast 4 u or u dont have a sense of time
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You need to work on your timing, but that's a given. Practice the spider riff a little more. The rythyms are all rough too. Sounds like this is a little tough of a song for you to be playing. Practice a lot more before attempting this one again. Don't worry about it though, we've all been there.
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First of all i would like to say its just cool of you to post this here. Would evrybody please stop bitching at him? I think you posted it here because YOU are rather proud of it, and you should after only 1 year of playing. Master of Puppets is a very hard song at first.

I think it was a good attempt, not a cover by far, but still a good attempt. I think its cool to hear an 'unfinished, raw, practicing recording' evry now and than so thumbs up for that

I'd say you have the idea, now you just need to put it to work and theres only 1 way of doing that: practice more

And i dunno about that matronome, i can play master of puppets pretty well and never ever used a metrone.... im now learning canon rock wich i find pretty hard though :P

been playing about 2.5 years.

Edit: Just listened to your metallica medley and you play MoP >WAY< better as on this cover... maybe just a bad day this one is? xD

Anyway, keep practicing m8, and thanks
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I've been playing for about 1.5 years and I can't play it nearly as good as you can. XD Great work dude.
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