Cover of AATW performed by us...5 16 year olds from Glasgow

just click on it to listen
Pretty good.
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yeah i did..but hardley anyone replied. its been a couple of months, so im just giving it another spin!

and thanks
I like the intro, and the fact that even though the solos are pretty true to the Hendrix version, the chords are done differently and it's played with a different feel. Thank God it's not just a straight cover.

Although the solo and the singer have a couple of off notes, not shabby at all.
yeah, it was cool but it was difficult to hear so minus five points for you
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it was cool. i think the singing was odd. did the singer have the mic shoved into his lips? the guitar sounded pretty good though.
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The riff and chord work's pretty tight. Good stuff man... I need to get in a new band lol. What gear are you using?
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lol, well thats a live recording in a garage straight onto an mp3 player
we're using two marshall stacks, a peavey bass amp, and some cheap yamaha micrphone.

It sounds really good...the guitars are great. The drums are really good, for some reason had me thinking Keith Moon. Maybe it was just the kind of fills.

The vocals were really muffled, though, and there were quite a few off notes.

Overall, though, it was really great.

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thanks man

il check out yours